A Duo invite you to enjoy the impeccable visual of ethnic culture

Successful Application Time:2019-11-02

On the National Day of 2019, VDWALL entered the mysterious and magnificent Huanglongdong scenery in Zhangjiajie to help out the cross-border new ethnic music show "The Land of Rebirth".。

"The Land of Rebirth" is a national musical directed by A Duo, a famous singer and non-genetic civilization successor. The play uses a stage space shaping technology that combines full 3D modeling, four-layer media projection, and virtual and reality. The visual effects team create the scenery to film level, with a sense of technology and futuristic lighting design. In order to ensure the display effect of the scene, the nominated processor must bring attractive and crisp image meanwhile with high reliability. A 4K2K@60Hz true 4K UHD video processing device shows up to the privileged eyesight.

The on-site LED screen resolution is 7680*2880, using four LVP609 cascade splicing, using the LVP609 multi-machine cascade synchronous splicing function to receive and process the 8K4K signal output from video mosaic server, to reproduce the view of beautiful mountains and rivers of Zhangjiajie Miaojia, the realistic scenery make the audience feel like that they are just in visiting.

Why choose LVP609 for this event?

1.  LVP609 supports the receiving and processing of 4K2K/60Hz UHD video. Full 60Hz refresh rate, which is twice of 4K2K/30Hz. In this way, generate the most detailed and smooth display, further more, all DVI output image are fully synchronized, bring unparalleled audio visual experience.

2. Genlock supports multiple LVP609 cascades to expand higher input and output resolutions: For example, 6 sets of LVP609 cascade can achieve 12K4K/60Hz video pixel to pixel display, and expand driving capability to maximum 96 million pixels.


3.   LVP609 supports any size and position image cropping, achieve infinite scaling, and freely size and position display on LED screen, greatly facilitate irregular screen driving and creative display.


4. LVP609 supports input channel hot backup. In important occasions and critical moments, LVP609 can ensure the stable display, prevent unexpected failure.

VDWALL LVP609 spare no effort to support this musical, presented superb performances with bursts of warm applause and cheers. In the immersive experience, the audience seemed to have taken a fantasy journey of Xiangxi culture.。

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