LVP 919B
  • LVP 919B
  • LVP 919B
LVP 919B
LVP 919B

LVP 919B

1. 4DMI-1.4b inputs ( compatible with DVI-1.0 )

2. EDID User-Defined input resolution, enable pixel to pixel displayKey Specifications

3. Seamless switching inputs,no black or blurred screen

4. The size and position of any one output image are adjustable

5. 2 outputs can be set as mosaic outputs by the corresponding size and position

6. Preset 8 extra-wide and extra-high output resolutions, User-Defined output resolution

7. Output image brightness and low gray bias adjustment

8. 3 image layers, PIP/POP display. 8 presets of display window layout

9. Color gamut adjustment, enable LED display at correct source color

10.Freeze key frozen the output image, Black key black the screen

11.USB, RS232 and LAN control,open control protocol