LVP909 recent project share

Successful Application Time:2018-07-10

LVP909 is a cost-effective LED HD splicing processor. In the following, Let’s take a glance of LVP 909 recent successfully applied projects.


Shenzhen Customs

P2.5 indoor full-color LED screen, resolution: 3432*960 

Project implementation: the solution use 2 LVP615U to drive the screen with 2 cascaded sending cards. LVP909 functions as multi-screen processor, preset multiple display modes, 1-image, 2-images, 3-images, connected to the DVI input of LVP615U , so as to achieve the 1, 2, and 3 images display and wireless projection, etc. In multi-screen display mode, windows can be opened and roam at will. "TAKE" switch realize seamless switching without latency.


Shenzhen Primary School Project 

The P4 outdoor curved screen, resolution: 2048*1280 

Project realization: LED screen is not only a information broadcaster, but also a high-tech intelligent product, it adds a fantastic landscape to the mall with vivid pictures and impressive scenery. The screen is driven by an LVP909, and is divided into two parts of sync splicing; different signal sources are accessed in, enabled with Faded in and out, seamlessly switch.


From the above cases, it can be seen that: 

LVP909 is reliable to indoor and outdoor, irregular shape LED screen application. 

Sync splicing guarantee high-speed motion picture splicing without misalignment, and versatile sources can be accessed in LVP 909, meanwhile fade-in and fade-out, seamless switching is available. 

LVP909 can preset a variety of display modes, seamless switch between different modes. When in the multi-screen display mode, each sub-image can freely roam or overlay on LED screen. 

LVP909 provide wireless control, support real time monitoring via control software.

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