Baoding city planning exhibition hall

Successful Application Time:2017-07-05

Baoding Urban Planning Exhibition Hall situates at the fourth floor of the conference center on south side of Jinjiang International Hotel, which covers an area of 2,000 square meters. Multimedia presentations, film and television interaction and other forms of expression reflect the exhibition theme of "city, environment, humanities and development".

The arc-screen theater is the focus of the entire pavilion. An ultra-wide arc-shaped fine-pitch LED screen conduct a comprehensive review of Baoding's "tradition continuation, cultural heritage, construction achievements and future development". The elaboration of the orientation, VDWALL LVP86XX perfectly interprets this wonderful historical story with the arc screen.

The P2.5 fine-pitch LED screen is divided into 4 equal parts in width, each part is 1664 points, and the height is divided into two parts: 704 points and 736 points, total screen is driven by 4*2=8 units. Benefit from the sync output of graphics card, LVP86xx can conveniently access in 4K*2K input signal via graphic card mosaic function, achieve impeccable pixel to pixel display which is highly appraised by relevant department and director.


LVP86XX multi-picture synchronous splicer, as a classic hot-selling model presented by VDWALL, features delicate processing effect, vivid and realistic visual effect, support pixel-to-pixel display , multi-picture synchronous splicing, freely opening window. The arc small-pitch LED screen + LVP86XX functions as interpreter of Baoding culture, cooperate with the effect of digital lighting, reflects the glorious history of Baoding city. The impressive and vivid pictures are closely integrated with the surrounding environment, every visiting audience can experience Baoding's cultural heritage and fast-developing modern technology in immersive surroundings.

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