The 19th LED international exhibition report

Latest Update Time:2022-01-12

Creatures are thriving in this April, while the 2021 (19th) Shenzhen International LED Exhibition ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! During the 3-day exhibition , many domestic and foreign customers visit VDWALL even COV-19 epidemic has just set its foot. The exhibition not only showed the brand strength of VDWALL, but also a proof that why VDWALL is well recognized and praised!


 Booth of VDWALL


    As the first show up of this year, VDWALL released its LED control solution for the first time, proudly presented its classic 4K series video processor A6000, A65,A66, A63 and the breaking through video server Polaries.


 LED sending card, bring vivid color and crisp detail


01Sending card HD_X4



◆ 4 network ports,2.3 million pixels driving capability

◆ 3840 pixels in width or height of each port

◆ DVI/HDMI dual input,RGB\YUV color format


◆ Auto detect and switch input signal

◆ Download or upload configuration data, firmware update


02-Receiving card VW_LM3200



◆ Support general, double lattice and pwm chip

◆ 32 RGB data groups

◆ Driving capability 512*512

◆ High refresh rate up to 4096Hz

◆ Brightness and chroma calibration

◆ Fast edge optimization

◆ Gama adjustment in independent RGB channel

◆ Color management( Brightness, color and gamut reflection)

◆ Arbitrary pixel line extraction

◆ Parameter save up and read back

◆ Module, cabinet file and firmware adjustment

◆ Real time monitoring of operating status测 


The newly released control card is the technology accumulation of VDWALL 15 years development, from the very beginning of this project, we insist the guideline of high technology, quality standard, more stable and more intuitive. During the research and development, we implemented several rounds of sample optimization, finally complete the design that completely in line with the guideline.




04- A66  LED 4K Multi-image processor




◆ 8*4K input, includes:HDMI2.0/1.4×5、DP1.2×3

◆ Support 4K2K@60Hz,compatible with 1080p@60Hz and lower

◆  HDCP1.4 / HDCP2.2 provided



◆ 4 DVI jointly splicing, driving capability up to 9.2 million pixels

◆ Any in Any out, freely cropping and scaling

◆ User definable output resolution

◆ Calculation aided splicing

◆ Color gray level optimization in independent RGB channel

◆ 13 preset output mode, mode duplication and read back


Multiple image processing

◆ 4K windows simultaneously display

◆ Support 6 dual image display modes

◆ One key switch between single image, dual image and quard image display mode


Image processing

◆ Genuine 10 bit color processing, bring smooth color transition



◆ Genlock Cascading. 4 units expand pixel to pixel display to 8K4K@60Hz

◆ Convenient front panel and RS 232/USB/Network control


A66 is a cutting edge processor with precise market orientation, dedicated to economic 4K multi-image application.

2022011214142683 (1).jpg

 Exhibition glance

 Under the affection of COVID-19, customers from oversea conquered the barrier of quartine, visit VDWALL and discuss technique details with our technican, speak highly of our advanced and robust products, we feel very grateful for their trust and cooperation.

Though VDWALL booth is full of visiting, some of our customers may have missed this exhibition, we gladly notice you that, The ISLE will be held in Baoan international exhibition center on May 10th. We look forward to your visiting there!