Shenzhen. Huaqiang Bei

Successful Application Time:2017-06-21

As the largest electronic products exchange center, A new LED screen project concluded its successful application in Huaqiang Bei.In the process of Huaqiang Bei transformation, a new pearl and jewels themed shopping mall opened up.

Huaqiang pears and jewels world occupy an area of nearly ten thousand square meters, main merchandise includes diamond, platinum, gold, pearl and other cosmetics. At the back of the shopping hall, one P6 LED screen greatly enhance the visual effect of the surrounding, bring visitor never experienced magnetic scenery. The driving solution is dominated by LVP 909 presented by VDWALL.

Screen parameters

P6 outdoor stripping screen, total 960*2240 pixels

Display requirement

1)One key signal source switch for all 4 unit screen

2)One key switch between different preset display mode

Solution design

4 DVI Mosaic of 960*2240 screen, one key switch between different signal source.

Solution diagram





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