VDWALL Enjoyable Project Share

Latest Update Time:2022-09-23

Project 1 School Lecture Room In Jinan


Processor Model A6000

Amount 1

LED Parameter P2 LED Screen , Resolution 3200 × 1800

Processor Features 4K_60Hz Input4K Multi-image Freely RoamingCustomized Output Resolution 


 VDWALL A6000 applied in school lecture room. Benefit from A6000 4K multiple image displayanalogue and digital combined inputSDI camera and 4K video image flash switch speedthe solution fundamentally release the audio visual charm generated from modern technology, demonstrate latest lecture room application and thriving spirit mode from students and teachers.

  Project 2 Conference Room in Inner Mongolia


Processor Model A6000

Amount 1

LED Parameter P 1.58 LED Screen , Resolution 6400 × 960

Processor FeaturesOne key Switch Between Single Image And Multiple Images ModeFade In/Fade Out Switching Effect 


 Inner Mongolia 6 million pixels strip screen application. A6000 showed its technical advantage in 6 images screen-cross roamingwith Fade In/Fade Out display effect. Meanwhile the freely vertical 4K image cropping greatly facilitate strip screen display without image deformation.

 Project 3 Stage Performance Display In Zhejiang


Processor Model A6000

Amount 1

LED Parameter P 2.5 LED Screen , Resolution 2880 × 1440

Processor Features4K Image Infinite Scaling, Natural Vivid Color, No Frame Missing Or

Downgrade During High Speed Motion Display.



 A6000 flourish in stage performance, high end raw material, developed with mature technology, create the impeccable product quality. A6000 completely develop the LED display advantage of high brightness, sharp contrast and wide color gamut , hold hands with breath holding drama, bring viewer impressive visual experience.

A6000 main features include, 4K multi-image zero latency switch, 4K multi-image freely roaming, main screen and lateral screen units centralized control, superb image quality that certified by stage show and TV studio. Flexible 4K multiple image layout+ Max 18.4 million pixels driving capability+ customized input and output cardlet A6000 secure countless projects in domestic and oversea market.


Project 4 Bus Group Project In He Fei


DevicesLVP 919+BLT 04 Sending Card+VR_7516 Receiving Card 

Amount 1+2+33

LED Parameter P2.5 Indoor LED,  Resolution 2816*1152 

Solution FeatureVDWALL Processor+VDWALL Sending Card+VDWALL Receiving CardProvide One Station Turn Key Solution, Convenient Engineering Maintenance. 


 LED indoor application in Anhuiquality raw materialeconomical budget, emphasize VDWALL 16 years technology accumulation in image processing field. Sending card BLT 04support network port auto detection and configuration, driving capability up to 2.3 million pixels; Receiving card VR_7516 support PWM 3840Hz refresh raterealize high brightness and crisp detailed displayproduct of choice for fine pitch screen driving.


  LVP 919                    BLT 04 Sending Card                VR_7516 Receiving Card

 Project 5 Meeting Room Application In Shenzhen


Processor ModelLVP40X 

Amount 1

LED Parameter P3 LED Screen,  Resolution 1408*640 

Solution FeatureWitnessed Robust Design, Rigid Quality Control, No Aging Phenomenon After 10 Years On Line Running. 


One meeting room in Shenzhen, we encountered VDWALL LVP 40X processor, after 10 years running, our old acquaintance runs like an old responsible soldier, fulfil its duty without any trace of aging. This is just the representative of VDWALL quality tenet, not only dedicated to image process evolution, but also in the march of endless quality enhancement. Time slips through our fingers silentlythe never changed, is our pursuit of excellence.