LVP 6000
  • LVP 6000
  • LVP 6000
LVP 6000
LVP 6000

LVP 6000

1. In-A input card provides 2DMI2.0 + 2 DMI1.4 + 2 P1.2

2. In-A support PIP/POP or quad image tile display

3. 4 In-B input cards,provide 4DMI2.0 + 4 P1.2

4. CEA-861-F compatible,4K2K_60Hz video format

5. Accept 4K Mosaic Graphics output to display 8K/16K video by pixel to pixel

6.16 DVI outputs,Output video on LED screen up to 8K4K /16K2K resolutionKey Specifications

7. Each output image can be set with any size

8. Each output can crop the input image at any size and position

9. Preset 8 extra wide and extra height resolution, and user-defined output resolution

10.16 outputs Mosaic video with frame synchronized

11.Output image brightness and grey are adjustable in R/G/B channel independently

12.Gamut adjustment, enable LED display in source color-space

13.USB, RS232 and LAN control, open control protocol