Single processor multiple screen display

Technical Proposal Time:2022-01-13

 Last chapter, we introduced super large screen driven by multiple processor via Genlock. Like this fantastic and symmetry world, there also exist multi-screen driven by single video processor. Delightfully invite you to enjoy the following practical cases. 

Project No.1 in Jiangsu province  


Project No.2 in Sichuan province 


Project No.3 in Wanxiang Hotel 


How about the future possibility? 


Compared to the traditional LCD and OLED liquid screen, the breaking through LED screen embraces more flexibility especially in decoration field. Creativity improve possibility, beyond imagination generates more uncertainty. No doubt that LED screen will reshape the world, brilliant visual and impressive design brings more of fascinating.



Different look, different temper, same heart

 Let’s go back to multi-screen driving, there are 2 common adopted approaches  

1:Compile one multi-image canvas, each screen crop required unit image, like A6000, A66



Arbitrary image cropping function greatly facilitate above multi-screen multi-image display, though seems little crowd.

 2.Video processor with matrix image switch assign input source to target unit screen, like VF2000,LVP 7000       


Adequate bandwidth allows more inputs and outputs, but cost is relatively higher.

In actual project application, multiple screen jointly display one image or each unit screen display separately is common requirement. Assumed that all unit screen are driven by separate video processor, switch between single image and multi-image display will be quite inconvenient. But with single processor and centralized driving, one key switch between different display mode will be very helpful.





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