Project Summary From VDWALL

Successful Application Time:2022-09-23

The great golden harvest steps to us with silence, every hard working people is counting their sweat fertilized fruit with joyso as VDWALL and its devoted employee. By this precious chance, let us walk into the installation site, take a glance of VDWALL fresh applied typical projects, enjoy the impeccable visual presented by LED screen. Thanks to, our cherishable customerthanks to our pacing colleagues.

Conference room application in Vietnamsupported by A6000. Main screen+ dual lateral screen jointly guarantee smooth conference process and create enjoyable solemn atmosphere. One key switch between single image mode + multi-image mode. 


Outdoor stage performance, main screen+lateral screen+irregular shaped screen, conveniently handled by D6000 which featured intuitive operation and flexible output resolution, spark the on sit air, bring impressive scenery to every audience.


LVP 635, VDWALL new released all in one processorvisible color effect, simple operation, sophisticated technical design. Deep digging LED potential advantage of sharp contrasthigh brightness and wide color gamut.


VDWALL multi image processor A6000 bring unparalleled 4K image to school lecture roomone key switch between different image mode, achieve vivid color and realistic scenery.


VDWALL economic splicer LVP 919concluded its splendid performance in Hefei,facilitated branch company half-year summary, classic main screen+ lateral screen application.


LVP 909 sing highly for China Communist Party 101 years anniversaryflexible implement of splicing mode or multi-image mode.


VDWALL 4K 60Hz processor gradually rooted in Shandong television stationenhance the audio visual effect of the program.


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