Tips of LED driving solution

Technical Proposal Time:2022-09-02

The emerging LED screen industry is evolving with fast pace, smaller fine pitch and larger screen dimension has deeply re-defined indoor and outdoor scenery. As the first generation LED peripheral device supplier, VDWALL is dedicating to provide most flexible, stable meanwhile economic display solution. Hereafter, lets take a glance of video splicing solution.

LED processor is mainly divided to 2K classic series and 4K flourishing series. 2K solution features mature and cost-efficient, 4K solution brings more crisp visual detail and intuitive operating experience. VDWALL prevailed splicers are listed as the following table.


Traditional rectangle LED screen driving solution

1. Firstlywe need to confirm that LED screen total pixels didnt exceed processor maximum driving capability. If one screen is devised with 10 million pixels, processor that only equipped with 4 DVI outputs will be incapable of screen driving.

2. Secondly, calculating resolution that driven by each DVI output. As the following exemplified solution, the screen total resolution is 8320*1600, which consist of 520 cabinets, counted 52 in width and 10 in height, and the cabinet resolution is 160*160 pixels.

We select VDWALL hot-sale 4K Multi-window processor A6000 to drive this screen. As the diagram illustrated, the solution needs 6 MSD 600, each MSD 600 undertake the task of 9*10=90 cabinets driving, that will be 1440(W)*1600(H) pixels. Benefit from A6000 user definable output resolution, each DVI output can easily formulate 1440*1600 output resolution. 


Pay attention to the notice, each DVI output should

Driving pixels in horizon<=Output resolution in width

Driving pixels in vertical <=Output resolution in height

3. Finally, we need to calculate pixels driven by each sending card. In above solution, each MSD 600 drive maximum 9*10=90 cabinets , 4 network ports driving plan is as following


Be noticed

Commonly used sending card(Nova MSD 600MSD 300Colorlight S4S2Linsn TS 921)one network port typical driving capability is limited to 0.65 million pixels, at the same time, restricted by whole rectangle cropping.            



 1: What is whole rectangle cropping? as above picture describedthe red wiring line appears only 21 cabinets loading, but actually, the loading has reached 3*8=24 cabinets. Though some new released model has overcome such limitation, but the price is less competitive.

2):When it comes to module screen, compare to cabinet screen, pixels driven by each receiving card is variable now and then. So the applied receiving card file is separately generated. It is recommended that, assigning all the irregular module cabinets to one individual sending cards or network port, which will greatly facilitate future maintenance and trouble shooting.


4. After solution design, now lets move to processor configuration. In large project application, technician on site installation is essential. Meanwhile, we must admit that LED screen projects are booming far beyond imagination, every project with on site technical support is not practical and surely lead to higher service cost.

As a compromise, video remote guide is efficient. User can integrate operation to learning, effectively enhance operation learning. In oversea complex projects, we usually use remote control software Teamviewer and Sunlogin to finish configuration, especially when come to occasions such as multiple processor cascading, graphics card mosaic etc. Prepare the associated configuration file in advance suggested.      



5. After complete configuration, make a duplication of display mode and export configuration file with control software, that will be very useful when user encounter unexpected abnormal phenomenon. If condition permit, we may arrange remote training, including how to avert misoperation with Lock button, mode duplication and recall, fast brightness adjustment and FAQ explanation etc. 

Above is traditional rectangle screen splicing solution, once you acquired it, more or less just repeated work. Next paragraph, lets give a witness of irregular screen driving.

Extra wide and extra high screen driving

If the LED screen is small or middle size , we can conveniently drive the screen with 615 EDID function, achieve pixel to pixel display. But when it comes to super wide screen, such as stadium long strip screen, please refer to VDWALL previous public article Image folding display introduction.


Stage performance screen group driving

On live show event, several screen units jointly present impeccable scenery. Each unit screen may varies from shape, dimension, even pixel pitch. The general requirement is one key switch between single image mode and multi-image mode. VDWALL matrix splicer LVP7000 VF7000 and 4K multi-image processor A6000 D6000 secure hundreds of successful application.


For these screen group driving, the solution basic principle is compiling one original single or multiple image canvas first, then each unit screen crops target partial image from canvas, so as to achieve one key seamless switch between different display modes.

Immersing LED screen driving

Immersing screen is constituted by ceiling screen, floor screen, left lateral screen and right lateral screen, realizes unparalleled surrounded visual, widely applied in air port, city planning corridor, museum etc. To drive these immersing screen, we first need to split the whole image to 4 separate images, then adopt one or more video processors to drive each unit screengraphics card mosaic setup is old acquaintance.


Naked eye 3D screen driving

Naked eye 3D LED screen is a milestone in LED outdoor display history, more and more Naked eye 3D screen are witnessed in commercial street, skyscraper, shopping mall etc, attracts lots of concentration.

Naked 3D eye screen break up the constriction of 3D glasses, accurately use 90 degree building wall edge, with precise tailored video content, bring viewer never experienced impressive visual  effect.

To video processor drivingNaked eye 3D screen is just standard rectangle screen with specially tailored content. So traditional flat screen driving solution is applicable to these Naked eye screen.


Irregular tree and globe screen driving

Compare to traditional rectangle screenthese irregular screen require pixel extraction to avoid distortion and realize smooth edge transition. First we need to decompose these cubic screen to flat unit screen, then play specially processed video image. Sometimes sending card pixel extraction function is required.


LED screen is reshaping modern society with its high brightness, spacious color gamut, flexible application and nature-born decoration advantage. In the near future, it can be previewed that fine pitch LED will gradually replace traditional liquid LCD screen. VDWALL will continuously invest in technique innovationbring more advanced and user friendly device to the great LED industry development.

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