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How to connect two sending cards in VDWALL proces

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-21 

Now. Our processor can output at least 1920*1080HD. And new processors like lvp605 serial and  lvp515 serial can support 2560*816 or 2304*1152 or bigger. Under these situation, we need use 2 sending cards to work together. And how to connect these two sending cards? Many customers do not know how to reach big output format. Here, we will explain step by step.

There are two pcs TS802 which has red button on the cards. Linsn TS801 does not have this button. And two pcs TS801 cannot work together.

Two sending cards work together. We need know which one is card 1 and which one is card 2. We keep the switch on the bottom and do not change the setting. It will be card 1. Like the above pic.

We move the number 1 switch up and number 2 switch down. The card will be named as card2. Like the above pic.

We use one cable to connect card 1 and card 2 together. Pay attention to the turn. The red color on the cable must be at the same side.  The hardware connection is finished. Then we need set the parameters in the led studio

Then we fix two sending cards in our processor like above pic. LVP605 can control 2304*1152pixels screen.