Professional LED Video Processor



D6000 Series

◆ 4K randomly open 4 windows 6 images display
◆ 4K 4 windows freely overlay and roaming
◆ 4k seamless, fade in/out switching
◆ 4K input image any in crop
◆ 16 output, sync mosaic, drive to 8K4K/60Hz
  • 佳能


1.  12 input ports, support mixed SD(Standard Definition),HD(High Definition),UHD(Ultra High-Definition) input ,including 6 UHD Inputs@ 4K2K_60Hz, HDMI2.0 × 4, DP1.2 × 2(HDCP1.4 / HDCP2.2)

2.   Support maximum resolution up to 4096×2160@60Hz

Multi-window Processing

1.   4 windows 6 images display, random zoom in/out and overlay display

2.   4 windows layers seamless switching and Fade-in / Fade-out switching

3.   Any in any out(AIAO)  4K image cropping

4.   Windows image frame function, clearly identify different layer

5.   Windows image color chroma, RGB gain and bias adjustment


1.   16 DVI/DHMI outputs, synchronized joint split, driving capability up to 36million pixels LED screen

2.   Any size and position of cropped input and output image on each DVI output

3.   User-defined output resolution

4.   Adaptive calculation aided splicing, auto calculate mosaic

5.   Each output image independently color chroma, RGB gain and bias adjust

6.   Synchronous backup, 16 DVI output can be used as 8 main output with 8 backup output


1.  13 preset multi-window display and output mode, support mode duplication and backup

2.   Flexible and convenient setup and control from panel button, remote PC control via     RS232/USB/LAN

3.   Designed and widely applied for various kinds of small pitches LED screen display system