Professional LED Video Processor




InfoComm USA 2018

VDWALL         Date:2018-06-12 

From 6th June to 8th June, American super and professional Audio-visual integrated equipment and technology exhibition —InfoComm USA 2018 was held in Las Vegas, many of VDWALL’s processors were coming out again on this international stage, those new processors and new solutions drew many peoples attention from several audio-visual professions.

VDWALL has always been regarded as the leader of innovation on LED processors industry. VDWALL is always innovating during last decent. There are lots of attractions during the exhibition. The HD video processors series, multi-Windows videowall processors series, 4K HD video processors series appealed to many customers.

Our LVP609 4K-processor has been something flash on the first day of the exhibition and all our sample processors had been sold out. LVP609 is definitely the best partner of tiny-distance LED screens.

As VDWALL’s mostly devoted multi-window processor in 2017,it has a capability to display 32 images at most. And process the video signal with fully 60HZ, such features lead to a good-quality image. VF2000 has drawn people’s attention since it was published in America.

Many customers from all over the world visit us and communicate with our announcers and and practice operating our processors, VDWALL’s good-quality video processors and service win a good praise among local customers.