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VDWALL Products Promotion Conference 2018 Concluded Successfully

VDWALL         Date:2018-06-20 

On June 1st, [It's for vision] VDWALL Products Promotion Conference 2018 concluded successfully. This is the first time VDWALL works with friends in India to launch a promotion conference, thanks to the greatest support and inspiration of its distinguished local customers and partners, around 200 professional end users from LED screen display industry attended the conference, enjoyed a visual feast together.

Customers come one after another, get for luck draw tag, sign in and take pictures.

Five minutes before the conference started, the LED screen in the stage played a documentary file of VDWALL’s 12 years stormy history and glorious achievements. Then the host announced the conference begin. The Marketing Director of VDWALL, Mr. Wen, was the first to give a presentation, he said this is the second time he set his foot on this warm land, felt very closed, and extended his sincere gratitude and best wishes to the valued customers.

VDWALL’s authorized distributors Global, Newtech, RD ect, gave speeches in turn. For years of cooperation, they witnessed the growing and thriving of VDWALL, and expressed their faith on VDWALL brand and services. They also delivered their wishes to continue the cooperation, and contribute their greatest strength to the development of LED display industry in India. Meanwhile, in order to extend its gratitude to the distributors, VDWALL deliberately prepared 3 pieces LVP615 as gifts for the 3 distributors. VDWALL promised to pursue constant innovation, consequently, provide more stable, reliable and high quality products for customers.

We mainly introduced LVP615、LVP609、LVP909、LVP7000 on this conference. A few animations were made to describe the key features clearly. In order toactive atmosphere,the speakers proposed some questions for all the audiences and this lead the atmosphere of the conference to a climax several times.

We specially invited our 3 distributors to raffle some lucky audiences and present prizes to them on the exciting conference.

In the presentation area, there crowded lots of Indian customers learning and study our processors, thus lead them to a different vision experience.

After our conference, the influence continued, our dealer host a auction and all of our processors were bought by the enthusiastic Indian customers.

Noted photos of customers


Although the conference is over, yet our journey is not over. Our marketing director andCustomer Service Managerstart to visit local customers the next day after the conference.