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Five Years Of Endeavour

VDWALL         Date:2017-11-21 

In recent days,many people have visited the great achievement exhibition of "Five Years Of Endeavour", which have been shocked by the historic changes of the party and the nation  since the 18th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party,The exhibition is divided into 10 theme and content exhibition areas and 1 characteristic experience exhibition area, the magnificent exhibition represent the great historic changes. As the leader of the domestic LED video processors, VDWALL has contributed its own strength to the country in this large achievement exhibition, and the LED screen in the whole exhibition is used VDWALL video processors. The high quality and stability of the products have been recognized by all the customers.

Let’s review the magnificent exhibition together with the audiences,

Exterior scene of Beijing exhibition center

Lobby(Screen is used LVP7000)

After entering the exhibition hall,the first is the lobby of exhibition,the lobby screen is used VDWALL LVP7000 video processor. This device is highly integrated with a variety of advanced video image processing technologies and can achieve 16 channels mixed-video seamless switching,synchronous splicing and multi windows overlay, the display is very excellent.

No.2 exhibition hall (consisting of fan-shaped screen, column screen, and multiple conventional screens)

through the lobby, you can see the relatively largest No. 2 exhibition hall,the largest screen is the fan-shaped screen. The resolution of the screen is 6144*3424 pixels. It requires a full 4K2K input signal display, so using the LVP609 Ultra HD video processor, seamlessly splicing by two LVP609 processors to achieve the best display.

Scheme diagram

LVP609 is adopted industry-leading 4K2K_60Hz ultra HD video hardware processing solution, support 3 channels of 4K2K_60HZ Ultra HD video input, 4K2K signal seamlesss switching, fade in and fade out switching, 4K2K signal random cross screen splicing, any capture, any point to point synchronous output, In particular, it has an advanced synchronous dual backup function to ensure the large project  safety perfectly.

The column screen in front of the fan-shaped screen

There are 11 column screens in front of the fan-shaped screen, each screen pixels are different, also using one LVP609 processor ,the scheme is as follows:

the connection diagram of column screen

On both sides of the exhibition hall, there are also independent exhibition areas, such as the  Chang'e exhibition area, the Jiaolong  exhibition area, the deep reform exhibition area,etc.they are all used VDWALL video processors,witnessing the extraordinary five years development together.

Chang'e 3D effects exhibition area(The scene is more shocking)

Chang'e 3D effects device connection diagram

Jiaolong  exhibition area

Deep reform exhibition area

The complete success of this exhibition is inseparable from the perfect display of LED screens. VDWALL LED video processors also contribute its own strength to this large achievement exhibition.the “Five Years Of Endeavour” has passed,in the new era, we will not foget the original heart, struggling forward, professional focusing to make better LED video  processors.