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One LVP7000 for you to meet the needs of multi-scene applications LED display

VDWALL         Date:2018-05-04 

In recent years, LED display screen products have been gradually extended to various display areas. Because different places have different requirements for display effects, video processing equipments of LED display screens should also have multi-scene functions,LVP7000 is such a device,has great advantages in renting performances, stage projects, large-screen displays, and other application areas, LVP7000 can meet your needs for multi-scene applications. Today, we will show LVP7000 applicatons in three scenes.

Scene onetelevision studio

Entering the Qatar television studio, firstly we can see a huge LED arc screen, and the screen plays video materials all over the world, simulating real scene and reliving the nature,the screen is an important window for news broadcast and data display.

Application: huge LED display splicing, LED arc screen consists of 4 parts, this screen can use one LVP7000 to splicing , and display synchronously four input signal.

Scene 2: Stage Theatre

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang water villages, a local people’s cultural festival was held. The stage with different programs presented colorful and clear vivid background images, lively and vividly constituted the villages of the south Yangtze River, vividly displayed the charm of the ancient town of the south Yangtze River.

Application: mixed LED different screen splicing, the stage LED display consisted of the main screen, side screen, host screen and multi-cube screen with different shapes and sizes.the screen was controlled by a single LVP7000, and preset multi-scene to display, and fade in fade out seamless switching.

Scene 3: Renting Stage

On the stage in Anhui Province, multiple screens display one total image or different images, showing the history of the city and passing thousands of civilizations.

Applications: renting performance, centralized multi-screen control, fade in and fade out multiple pictures, seamless switching, pre-monitoring with a monitor.

LVP7000 is a multi-window synchronous splicing processor that integrated multi-image processor, video processor,seamless matrix switcher, and synchronous splicer. It has excellent processing image capabilities.In addition, it also has the advantages of data backup and recovery, automatically calculating and splicing, which make the operation more convenient.