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Shenzhen Bao lifang

VDWALL          Date:2016-12-01 

"Bao lifang" which cost a total investment of about 1.6 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 100,000 square meters of the first top jewelry jade cultural and creative complex, is located in the core place of Shenzhen Qianhai center zone, unique geographical location.It is a brand exhibition, High-end club services as one of the world's top high-end jewelry jade transfer base, covering 9800 square meters catering facilities, 8500 square meters of recreational facilities and 6800 square meters of living services supporting the large jewelry shopping plaza. In August this year, Shenzhen Vdwall co.,ltd was invited to undertake the project which is located on the 4th floor of the on the 4th floor of the  multiple-function studio hall and the restaurant in this giant "Diamond"

the fourth floor of the multiple-function hall can accommodate more than 2,000 guests.the building construction standards is very high and the functional requirements is very new and comprehensive, and the hardware construction is thought as the national first-class level. As customers have great expectations on the project,They finally selected the video processor from VDwall to build the big project after deliberations. The project attracted the great attention of the senior leaders From Shenzhen VDwall co.,ltd. We sent senior engineers and regional managers to cooperate with Bao lifang’s staff to guide the installation and Adjustment. In order to fully guarantee the smooth progress of the major activities in the studio, The Regional Manager of Shenzhen Vdwall co.,ltd invite our technician to train the staff of the Baolifang.

Bao lifang multiple-function studio hall

Site condition:A piece of P3.91 small screen, resolution: 3456 * 1152, a resolution of 1080P computer, DVI signal input and 4 pieces of Linsn 802 sending card

Display requirements

It should be pre-stored a variety of display modes and any call; the color reproduction of output picture is high, clear,stable picture quality and no dislocation

Implementation plan

Using one piece of LVP404 controls can be preset a variety of display modes and a key access.meeting the perfect vertical and horizontal sync splicing, no tear and smearing phenomenon, the images colorful and lifelike effect.

Display result

Chinese restaurant in Baolifang

Site conditions

Central large screen resolution: 1792 * 896; both sides of  the screen resolution: 576 * 384

Display requirements

Three pieces of screen display work together to display the same picture, or three pieces of screens simultaneously display the same or different multi-pictures, it can be pre-stored three modes of arbitrary access, the output picture is clear and smooth.

Implementation plan

Using Vdwall’s  LED multi-screen synchronization processor LVP8601 with a SC-4 and a matrix device to achieve. LVP8601 was preset three modes, multi-channel video signal input at the same time, the screen point-to-point perfect output to the LED display, the output clear picture vivid scenes, each signal quickly and smoothly switch.

Display result

It took not long to finish the whole project, but we gain a lot in the process ,and also we got the customer's support and recognition.When we did the investigation after the project, Bao lifang’s staff like to say, "Vdwall processor, the performance is stable and the processing effect is delicate ," It is also very easy to operate, I have remembered it in my heart, Maybe I know it more than your Staff ".

"Artisan spirit, quality service", Vdwall treats the video processors,just as the craftsmen treat diamonds.the common is : striving for excellence in the creativity, striving for perfection in the quality,  striving for the user first in the service. Although the processor of VDwall  is not colorful and bright like diamond, but its power to light up the "Bao lifang" this giant diamond, like the brightest pearl in the night sky, dazzling and Lasting for long.