Professional LED Video Processor




Shanxi “Net Cultural Festival”

VDWALL          Date:2016-12-01 

In the scene of 2016 Shanxi University City "net art cultural festival" awards ceremony, magnificent bright lights and gorgeous stage effect under the darkness are showing spirited and unbridled youth. LED background screen on the stage and lights become weapons to render the atmosphere of the scene and one VDWALL multi-window sync processor LVP8601 becomes the control core!

There are three main screens on the central stage. The picture is clear and vivid and the color is bright and rich. Above the stage, many well-proportioned LED cabinets work with the changeable content and color of lights and the main screen, to create a colorful neon effect. Multiple video signal sources and various live programs switch seamlessly, without the slightest mistake. One VDWALL multi-window sync processor LVP8601 control the whole scene, not only to achieve the perfect stitching, but also with beautiful scene, stable and smooth picture processing capabilities, play a lighting and stagecraft visual feast for the audience!

Field conditions

One P3 stage screen,

Main screen resolution: 2560*1280,

Two lateral screen resolutions: 640*480,

The colorful screen behind resolution: 2048*1280 (leave blank for part of the position of the cabinets so that to achieve a effect of colorful screen)

Display requirements

Multiple video signal sources and various live programs switch seamlessly, to ensure the successful end of the show.

Connection diagram

Implementation scheme

All the screen is driven by a LVP8601, and the main screen and two lateral screens are driven by the M card, and the colorful screen is driven by L card. Multiple computers and HD video cameras access, signals switches seamlessly with programs.

Practical effect