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VDWALL Entered the Top 30 of the LED Industry Brand Event, Heading to the Top 15

VDWALL         Date:2016-10-21 

The vote for the best 30 LED industry brands of “Qiangli Jucai Cup” LED brand feast has ended in the late September. VDWALL made it into the top 30 on both “the Top 10 of LED Display Screen Peripheral Equipment” and “the Most Valuable Brand”. Specially won the first place of “the Top 10 of LED Display Screen Peripheral Equipment”, VDWALL has acquired lots of fans and unstoppable brand effects.

The competition of companies in the modern market economy has been more and more intense, making companies turn to high level competition aspect--brand competition instead of only focus on quality and services. Brand is not only a special symbol of products and services, but also a standard and promise. VDWALL is the first hi-tech company to innovate and manufacture LED video processing equipment in China. Since foundation, VDWALL has been insisting the “brand building” development strategy. After more then ten years’ efforts and accumulation, VDWALL has attained more than 50 independent intellectual property copyrights and created many first core products for LED video processing: first LED video processor, switcher, splicer and switch table. VDWALL has been the NO.1 of “the Top 10 of LED Display Screen Peripheral Equipment” for 4 straight years. The brand “VDWALL” has almost become the synonym of LED video processor and kept the leading role in the industry with best quality and stability.

Recently, VDWALL has promoted new products LVP909 and LVP615 series:

LVP909 is a extremely cost-effective video splicer. One unit of LVP909 can replace several processors to accomplish splicing work while the price is far less than the total amount of the several processors. In the big screen splicing project, the advantages of LVP909 have been more and more apparent: high stability, efficiency, excellent synchronicity, fluent switch and no image tearing. Besides, LVP909 has been added WiFi wireless control and WiFi video feedback functions for special application needs.    

LVP615 series is upgraded from typical LVP605 series with many technique innovations:  DP port, DVI-Loop for endless units connected splicing, WiFi wireless control, infrared remote control, mobile phone or iPad APP control, and new concise OSD menus. In the September LED China exhibition, the presentation of endless parallel loop function using 1 pcs of LVP615 has attracted millions of eyes. Many customers scrambled to purchase and all the LVP615 series demo processors were all sold out in the exhibition.

VDWALL always focus on every detail to produce best LED video processors and continuously creative values for customers. VDWALL stand as high standard and high altitude in every occasion. During the entry battle for the top 15, will VDWAL be successfully nominated? Let’s wait and see!  

Please pay attention to the votes of “2016 Top Ten Brand of LED display industry” award,  VDWALL is looking forward to your unique and precious vote. Your supports are our motivation to move forward continuously!