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Amritsar temple

VDWALL         Date:2016-11-10 

The largest gold temple of india is located in the city of Amritsar. This building is praised as “The gem on the Sikh holy crown” and gold-plated on whole body. Looking from a long distance, it’s shining and sparking. It not only has the solemnity of Islam, but also has the brightness of Hinduism. Recently, the biggest outdoor LED screen project in india, created by VDWALL and RDLED together, is locoted here.

RD LED is a big LED display screen company in India and the important strategic partner of VDWALL. RD LED undertakes the project of india gold temple, which has 5 large outdoor led screens, and the total area is 227 m².These led screens will become the important windows to present culture and feature of gold temple and perfectly explain the holy doctrine.Through the professional and broadcast-quality processing of processor, the rich colors, exquisite image quality and smooth images bring the most real experience to believers. VDWALL has extensive customer foundation in india, and accumulates lots of public praise. VDWALL processors have applied to large government projects several times and won good reputation. In this project,as the organizer chose RD LED, it assigned VDWALL to be its exclusive supplier of LED video processing equipment.

During project implementation, VDWALL, according to field condition and practical application requirement, used 5 LED hd video processors LVP605(with customizable resolutionSync mosaicseamless switchauto detection hot backup of input signalsimage freezeDVI signal Loopout and other strengths) as LED display screen control system, these five pieces of LVP605 control five large screens separately, and other 5 processors for backup.

According to the feedback from distributor of india, users are very satisfied with detail processing and hd display effect of LVP605; the five large hd screens of the project stand on main channels of gold temple, attracting appreciating of visitors.