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Moscow CBD

VDWALL         Date:2016-08-12 

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the center of politics, economics and culture. The CBD of Moscow is the gold circle, and it is also an international famous business center. Recently, an indoor LED display system project, which was created jointly by Shenzhen VDWALL Co., Ltd and Shenzhen HAODI Technology Co. Ltd is located in the senior banquet hall of the CBD. This project lasted for a week. Wu Xiaozhi, who is the technical support manager in Shenzhen VDWALL CO., LTD personally led one team and gave the guide to the installation for the project.

The P3 HD display in the banquet hall was the only display area in the entire hall, was also the major concern of the attending guests. Moscow’s client who paid much attention to this project had strict requirements such as the small spacing LED can achieve the clear and smooth output picture, pixel-to-pixel sync display, high color fidelity and so on. It was a super high standard to the display effect of LED screen and the stability of control system.

After a comprehensive assessment, the client ultimately selected a set of LVP86XX of VDWALL which was cooperated with the P3 small spacing HD display of Haodi. The screen had a huge resolution with total pixels 8448*1536. After the process of LVP86XX, input signal pixel-to-pixel sync displayed on the LED display. The overall picture which is clear, smooth and stereoscopic with vivid color and good reduction made the perfect effect of LED large screen which showed wonderful beautiful visual feast.

As one of classic hot-selling models of VDWALL, LVP86XX multi-window sync processor was praised widely by customers since listing. Its advantage showed in the delicate handling effect, beautiful vivid picture, multi-window sync mosaic, seamless mosaic and other functions. Especially the function of sync mosaic is a pioneer in this industry. So far, LVP86XX has been successfully applied in Alibaba Headquarters, Xiamen old yard, Gansu ancient Hollywood theater, the eighth Wenzhou "thousands of Maple" Festival, State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Tomson Riviera high-end wedding banquet hall and many other large-scale projects which include the lease performance, TV broadcast center, exhibitions, stage entertainment, advertising and other occasions.