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VDWALL contributed to a successful Chenglian LED Industry Resources Integration Conference(Shanghai)

VDWALL         Date:2016-06-29 

On June 24th, Chenglian LED Industry Resources Integration Conference(Shanghai) was held successfully in Hongqiao International Conference Center.Plenty of LED companies gathered together to share new technologies, products and solutions.

Besides being a co-organizer, VDWALL also brought the latest products--LED Splicer LVP909 and LED HD Video Processor LVP615 series, bringing a brand-new vision.

VDWALL Display Zone

Crowded people in front of VDWALL display zone

Elites of LED industry gathered together

VDWALL latest product -- HD Video Processor LVP615 series

Manager Liu from VDWALL made a full-prepared speech--“Pixel-by-pixel Display Solutions for Small-pitch LED and Ultra HD Video”.

As the high-speed development of small-pitch LED screen and Ultra Video, customers have more requirements for the LED video processors. Liu demonstrated several solutions:

Traditional multi unit connected mosaic-- LVP605 series;

Professional mosaicer: LVP40X;

Multi-window Sync processor like LVP8601 and LVP86XX;

4K2K Ultra Video processor for pixel-by-pixel display: LVP608 and LVP609.

View of New products

HD Video Processor LVP909

Updated from LVP40X, LVP909  has several technology innovations and new functions:

Optimization of the setting menu, making it easier to operate;

Wireless wifi control and video feedback monitor to realize on-time view;

Smart phone or iPad control;

“Take” button of quick switch.

LED HD Video Processor LVP615 series

LVP615 series is updated from best selling LVP605 series. It inherits all strenths of LVP605 series:

DVI loop--multi unit connected for mosaic;

Customized DVI input EDID and output resolution to realize pixel-by-pixel display;

Besides, it is added:

DP input port;

Infrared control and iPad/Smart phone control;

Brand new setting menu.

Whatever in appearance, quality, functions or operation way, LVP615 series is a classic updating.