Professional LED Video Processor




Jinan Hilton Hotel

VDWALL          Date:2016-08-24 

Jinan Hilton Hotel is the first full-service apartment hotel of Hilton brand in China area. Its also a representative of the international five-star hotels. It has 316 well-equipped rooms, suites and 104 serviced apartments with different functional areas. The hotel services with smile concept and aims to make guest feel at home.

The hotel has first class hardware equipment. The main display LED screen is a 85 m2 P3 small space LED HD screen. The LED screen is driven by VDWALL classical splicer LVP40X.

The 85 m2 big LED screen is 4032 pixels in horizontal and 2304 pixels in vertical. One unit of LVP412 uses 3*3 DVI outputs to splice the screen. Each DVI output 1344*768 to satisfy excellent sync splicing in both horizontal and vertical without any misalignment or delay. After processing, the display images are vivid and brilliant, leaving a unforgettable visual experience for every Hilton customer.

LVP40X is a professional LED HD video splicer specially for ultra big screen display. Single unit can maximally support 23040 pixels in horizontal or 14400 pixels in vertical. Without working with any other processor, single unit of LVP40X can maximally drive a 900 m2 P6 full-color LED screen. LVP40X is an excellent splicing choice for various ultra big screens such as irregular LED screens, mixed LED screens(of different pitches).


The upcoming VDWALL brand-new splicer LVP909 will debut in the 12th Shanghai International LED Fair from June 19th to 22nd with latest functional technologies.

LVP909, coming soon!