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Hangzhou Greenland sales

VDWALL         Date:2016-07-15 

The Hangzhou Greenland sales hall covers an huge area, imposing, unique shape being like Beijing”Bird’s nest.” Led HD screen located in the center of the hall display colorful and fine quality image, like a beacon lighting the entire sales hall, to show customers the real estate planning and design case, the commercial value of the appreciation of space and development prospects. With the led screen design, the saling real estate grade is enchanced. Customers can get more intuitive understanding of the real estate information. And behind the visual feast, VDWALL processors give full escort.

The hall center led screen is made of two parts. The center one is P3 curved screen with 3584*2048 pixel which is controlled by one video wall processor LVP404 and one unit sending box SC-10. The big led screen realize seamless and fade in fade out switching, high quality output image, smooth display, no dislocation and delay. The other one is P3 strip screen with 3328*384 pixel controlled by one unit LVP505 with user define output format. Blend,fade in fade out switching between input groups. Preset 3 sets of PIP/POP modes and one button to switch. User define output format and DVI input EDID to realize pixel-to-pixel display. VDWALL processors are  very suitable for rental, exhibition, concert, TV broadcasting, theater, conference and other LED display occasions.

As the small pitch technology more and more mature, the market of small pitch LED is having a steep increase trend and plenty of enterprises choose it to publicize  their company culture and products. As a pioneer pursuing extreme perfect LED display effect , VDWALL never stop its way to innovate and improve products following market trend. Besides from typical video wall processor LVP40X, new technology video wall processor LVP909 will debut 2016 Shang hai LED Show in Sep. And the new video processor LVP615 will appear also.  As the LED video processor leader, VDWALL  has been pursued excellence, innovation and  innovated video image processing technology to best fit the current posture small pitch LED display.