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LED Video Processor custom Resolution operation Instructions

VDWALL         Date:2018-04-04 

With the development of tech and market, LED display screen pitch is getting smaller and smaller. And the size is growing bigger and bigger. The led video processors which support ultra resolution cater to this demand and get more and more popular.LVP605 and LVP515, which could control 3840 horizontally or 1920 vertically, are the prominent models.The guide for controlling ultra width or ultra height is shared below.

custom resolution setting range

LVP605 and LVP515 custom max output horizontal width is 3840.And custom output vertical height is 1920.But it is limited by the processor main chip bandwidth. The max output resolution need follow the below formula.

25999000 Hz< Dot Clock < 164999000 Hz


Dot Clock = Htotal x Vtotal x field frequency,

HTotal = Width + 184,Vtotal = height + 45 ,

Field frequency is 23~80Hz adjustable

From formula above, due to bandwidth limitation, when field frequency is 60Hz, output width can be 3840 pixels and the output height is maximally 638 pixles.When height reach maximum1920, the output width is maximally 1214 pixles. So for super big output resolution, we need decrease field frequency.

Using Limitation

Under super Width or Super height output resolution, main chips of led video processor are working under special circumstances. So,parameters setting has certain limitation. If setting improper, output width and height are more than 1920 pixles. LVP605 and LVP515 series perhaps has below abnormal display images.

the botton line is repeatedly displayed

Bottom image displayed at the top of screen

Not display full input image on the whole screen(Bottom part missing)

This is because ultra width or ultra height output resolution are special working conditions for processor. It has certain limitation. Specifically, when output width and input width are more than 1920 pixels.  processor only works under partly display condition and can not display the full input image.


According to the actual led resolutions to choose corresponding custom output format and EDID.

Take 2144*768 led screen for example, we could set the output resolution and custom EDID as 2144*768 60Hz. Therefore, EDID of DVI input port has 2144*768 60HZ output format. and computer graphic card could output corresponding resolution. Then the incomplete display will not happen and could realize clear pitch to pitch display on led screen.