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Mighty Debut of 4K Ultra HD Video Processor LVP609 in Guangzhou ISLE

VDWALL         Date:2016-02-29 

Guangzhou International Signal and LED Exhibition (ISLE) was held from February 24 to February 27, in area B of Canton Fair Exhibition in Guangzhou, China. Shenzhen VDWALL technology Co., Ltd. set up a splendid booth and presented various products in the booth 10.2-D21. People all over  the world gathered at the VDWALL booth to inquiry and experience the processors.

Among all the products, the debut of LVP609 attracted most consistent attention. The ultra HD 4K processor was specially designed for the small-pitch LED screen mosaic. Compared with LVP608, it achieved many breakthroughs: single port can receive 4K2K_60Hz ultra HD video signal and display it pixel-by-pixel on LED screen; input signal can be scaled up 2 times to be displayed on a 8K2K or 4K4K screen; single unit processor can maximally support 16.5 million pixels. To present the best effects, VDWALL built up a 30-square-meter LED screen and the valid and gorgeous visual experiences attracted a lot of people to stay and take a look. The LVP609 is still in design and we can expect more.

The brand-new LVP615 was also pre-launched in the exhibition. Inherited all the advantages of LVP605, the model was featured with: multi units connected in parallel to drive indefinite LED lattice; the "Take" key to realize seamless picture signal switch; and support remote control. The model is expected to launch formally in late March.

Other products like LVP8601, LVP605, LedSync820H, LedSync850M, LVP505 and etc. were still popular as before. Plenty of customers come to inquiry and buy machines for different needs.

During the exhibition, 10-year-anniversary gifts were sent out to express appreciation for clients’ continuous support.

Meanwhile, several media were attracted to interview VDWALL staff for its company reputation and popularity.

After the exhibition, VDWALL arranged the 3rd “LED Video Processor Training” to teach technicians methods to operate our new products.

After Guangzhou ISLE, VDWALL will consecutively participate in Heilongjiang LED New Technology Exhibition, the 20th Wuhan Advertisement Exhibition, the 30th Advertisement、 LED and Lighting Exhibition in Xi’an, the PLAM Exhibition, LED EXPO, LED CHINA2016 in Shanghai, and InfoComm USA2016, and etc. Hope you will be there! Thank you!