Professional LED Video Processor




Applications of LVP606A LED HD Video Switcher

VDWALL          Date:2015-12-31 

Rental, staging, TV studio center, theater, high-end meetings, exhibition and so on.

Application: video conference

On some occasions, we not only need to display one of those input signals, but also some of them at the same time, like a video conference or a lecture. The following is an example of using LVP606A in video conference.

1. Field conditions:

1) A P6 LED screen: 1792 X 576

2) 2 live videos, 1 remote video; 1 PC (DVI) and 1 disk player

3) 1 notebook, used to display lecture manuscript

2. Display requirements:

1) Display one of input signals on the screen

2) Display live videos, remote videos and lecture manuscript at the same time in video conference.

3. System diagram:

One LVP606A with 2 sending cards (optional) installed inside offers 7 customized dual or multiple display modes.

4. Display effects: