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Applications of LVP40X LED HD Video Wall Processor

VDWALL          Date:2015-12-31 

Rental, staging, special-shaped or ultra-large LED display, mixed LED displays (of different pitches), theater, exhibition and so on.

Application1: ultra-large led display

One LVP40X maximally support 12 groups of DVI outputs (LVP412) and the maximum output resolution of each group is 1920 X 1080 or 1600 X 1200.

Therefore, one LVP40X can maximally support 12 LED screens below 1920 X 1080 or 1600 X 1200 and realize synchronous mosaic display without any misalignment or delay.

The following is an example of one LVP40X driving a LED screen with resolution of 3648 X 2112.

1. System diagram:

First the screen will be “divided” into 4 small screens and each one is 1824 X 1056, a LVP404 will be used to “combine” those 4 screens into a full one to realize mosaic display.

2. Display effects:

Application 2: synchronous mosaic display on LED curtain

screen and normal LED screen

LVP40X can realize mosaic display on LED screens of different pitches.

The following is an example of:

1 LVP404

1 P6 full-color LED screen with resolution of 1560 X 960

2 P16 LED curtain screens and the resolution of each one is 584 X 360.

1. System diagram:

Each screen will be controlled by a control system independently. The DVI Out1, Out2 and Out3 of LVP404 will also be connected to a control system independently.

2. Display effects: