Professional LED Video Processor




Applications of LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Process

VDWALL          Date:2015-12-31 

Rental, staging, TV studio center, theater, large meeting, exhibition, multi-display, ultra-large LED display, small-pitch LED display, mixed LED displays (of different pitches) and so on.

Application 1: one pixel-to-pixel ultra HD background pictureand multiple roaming and windowed pictures

LED screen: 3360 (px) × 1056 (px);

It is able to display a pixel-to-pixel ultra HD dynamic picture from 2 DVI outputs of a multi-display graphics card on the LED screen;

It is able to display 3 roaming and windowed pictures which can be sized, overlapped or tiled on the LED screen;

The LVP8601 video processor will be controlled manually.

1.Field conditions:

1)The screen will be divided into two parts: LED1= 1536 × 1056; LED2= 1824 × 1056;

2)One LVP8601 will be used to combine those two screens into a complete one pixel-to-pixel.

2.System diagram:

The system chart for this application is as follows:

3.Display effects:

1)One pixel-to-pixel ultra HD background picture plus multiple roaming and windowed pictures.

2)Multiple prestored display modes and fast switching among the modes.

Application 2: mix matrix switching among multiple analog and digital signals; centralized control of multiple displays by one LVP8601.

LVP8601 can maximally support inputs including 4 × Video, 4 × VGA, 4 × DVI/HDMI, 4 × SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI and 8 DVI outputs. The output resolution from each DVI output can be set independently and each DVI output can select any signal as its input source.

4 independent LED screens can display a same signal and the signal switching effect is seamless or fade-in/fade-out.

Each screen can display a different signal through seamless switching.

1.Field conditions:

1)The size of each screen is:

LED1 = 1824 × 1056, LED2 = 1728 × 1056, LED3 = 1632 × 1056, LED4 = 1536 × 1056;

2)Input signals include: 1 × DVI (PC), 1 × VGA (Notebook), 1 × Video (Camera) and 1 × HDMI (DVD);

2.System diagram:

The system chart of this application is as follows:

3.Display modes:

4.Display effects:

1)One LVP8601 can have centralized control of 4 LED screens of different resolutions.

2)Each screen can also be controlled independently.

3)Multiple prestored display modes and fast switching among the modes.