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VDWALL will produce new processor with new controlling way

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-22 

VDWALL will celebrate its 10th birthday very soon. For the past ten years, VDWALL created many heights in this field. Our first processor is only for standard resolution with button control. To meet customer’s new needs and lead the field. Our new processor LVP615 serial will appear on the market near.

This serial has our current popular processor functions.  LVP615 serial supports seamless switching, pretake+take switching, fade in fade out, user define PIP/PBP, text overlay, mosaic and hot spare . LVP615 has 2×Video,1×YPbPr,2×VGA(VESA),1×DP(VESA),1×DVI(VESA),1×HDMI(VESA/CEA-861),1×EXT.(Video/DVI-I/SDI). DP and YPbPr are very important inputs for some projects. Our current processors cannot support both them inputs.

The most important for LVP615 is that this serial supports infrared remote control. Users can control the processor anywhere and anytime. No need to switch on the front panel or sit down in front of the pc to control processor by software. Users can control the processor like controlling the TV.

The other revolution is the sending cards installing way. When users install sending cards in our current processors, they need open the cover and install one by one. For this serial, you can insert in the sending cards easily.