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4K 2K Times in LED Screen

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-22 

Recent years, the led screen pixel distance is becoming smaller and smaller. The led screen resolution is becoming bigger and bigger. The customers have higher requirements on the image quality.  So 4K2K input and output will inevitably become a trend.

At the begin of 2015, VDWALL promoted LVP608 4K2K ultra processor. This one supports 1x DP1.2 and 1x HDMI1.4 inputs. LVP608 can input 4K2K _30 HZ inputs and output 8*(1920*1080_60HZ) outputs.

In the Feb. ISE exhibition held in Amsterdam, VDWALL will introduce LVP609 to the market which is real pole definition processor.  This model can support  1*HMDI 2.0 input. HDMI port can accept 4k2k_60Hz signal. Then the processor can output 4*1920x1080_60Hz windows and show on the 4K2K_60Hz screen pixel to pixel. Also this model can sync monitor the 4K2K input on a 1080P display. Seamless switching and fade in fade out in standard video, HD video and 4K2K pole definition video.