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VDWALL Appeared on LED Expo New Delhi 2015

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-22 

From Dec. 3rd to 5th, VDWALL, cooperating with In Indian dealer RD LED, appeared on LED Expo New Delhi 2015 and exhibit new processors of VDWALL to visitors all over  the world. The exhibition is very successful. After exhibition, VDWALL offered customized LED Video processor training to RD LED engineers, strengthening the foundation of two companies’ cooperation.

VDWALL and RD LED booth of LED Expo New Delhi 2015

LED Expo is one of the biggest audiovisual exhibition. Since 2009, Exhibition size and exhibitors get more and more, and wins a quite high reputation in whole industry. The processors appearing on exhibition include LVP605 series、LVP8601、LVP608 and LedSync850M and gets positive echoes. LVP608 series brings 4K UHD image experience to exhibition renewing “Indian Vision”, and sets a model for India high-end market.Updated LVP605 series adds “Take” button to quickly change images from different group signal; the customizable definition could be applied wider and crystal buttons bring brand new experience. The updated LVP605 series is particularly suitable for rental market and attracts much attention.

Engineers Operating LVP605series

India is the earliest overseas market of VDWALL, VDWALL has developed several dealers in Bombay、New Delhi and accounted for more than 90% market share. RD LED is an important strategic partner. After exhibition, VDWALL offered systematic training to RD LED engineers. The emphasis is the project application and operation of LVP605 series, because Indian market mainly consists of rental business and LVP605 series is the star product for rental market. Engineers are very conscientious to design applied project, connect devices and set parameters according to lecturer’s explanation and instructions. RD LED boss expressed that systematic training strengthens integrated ability to LED display project and marketing competition. It also facilitates closer cooperation between us.

VDWALL Training RD LED engineers

From ISE、 PALM、 InfoComm、 LED CHINA to LED Expo, from Amsterdam、Bombay、Orlando、Shanghai to New Delhi, Exhibitions of 2015 have dropped scene. 2016 is coming and new exhibitions are being prepared. VDWALL invite you to Holland ISE 2016 celebrating Spring festival together. Meanwhile Guangzhou International LED exhibition will welcome you to come after Lantern Festival.

Group Photo of DVWALL engineer and RD LED Boss