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VDWALL LVP86XX Entering Troop LED Display System

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-21 

With the advancement of science and technology everyday, the informationization of military weapon and equipment is a important trend of military development. Lately, some  certain troop armour meeting room officially introduced HD LED display screen. The screen passed the testing and came into service. Mosaic is the core point for perfect LED big screen display. During project biding, tenderer was attracted by VDWALL Latest synchronous mosaic processor LVP86XX.

The total resolution of meeting room LED display system is 4352*1216, P3 and total area is 50 square meters. Due to high resolution of LED screen, real mosaic display is divided into 8 parts by LVP86XX to ensure big screen to be perfect synchronous display. LVP86XX could preset many configuration model for different requirements. In this case is configuration 7. At same time, LVP86xx has 16 user-defined modes which can be picked out by one press. LVP86XX can realize seamless and fade-in/fade-out switch between input signals; the pictures can tiled, windowed,overlaid and random synthesis,through which LED could zoom in on various data, strategic orientation and live condition, which can flexibly realize military exercise、operational command、organized military training、video conference、real time monitoring and other complicated functions, improving the troop working efficiency and operational ability.

VDWALL LVP86XX integrates CVBS signal switch、mosaic windowed operation、multiple graphic card synchronous mosaic function. Using latest patent technology, LVP86XX realizes LED big screen LED big screen point-to-point synchronous mosaic vertically and horizontally, picture distinct, switch fluent and performance stable. It’s the innovative breakthrough in mosaic technology industry! LVP86XX use plug-in card design and has different signal input sources up to 28, 16 DVI outputs, supporting 4K2K UHD background picture mosaic, synchronous point-to-point mosaic technology and realizing multiple graphic card or network play UHD video processing. Single UHD background can opened up to 9 windows and any window can roam、adjust size and position to suit  various monitoring、command and control centers  heterotype huge LED screen、mixed LED screen(different pitch) and multiple window synchronous display.

In recent years, small pitch LED screen is very popular in indoor project. Small pitch screen has strength of wide color gamut and high brightness, which can meet high requirements and standards of troop operational command and video conference on color、brightness and definition. Small-pitch LED display technology develops quickly and makes a great progress, which also raise higher requirements on LED Video Processor. Mosaic processing is always the key difficult to LED-Video-processing technology. LVP86XX’s realizing definitely point-to-point synchronicity in horizontal and vertical direction is no doubt a significant breakthrough in whole industry. Meanwhile VDWALL is taking lots of effort on R&D of indoor small-pitch LED screen mosaic product and in the future VDWALL will offer higher-quality product and service for more cooperation with troop equipment area.