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XiaMen LAOYUANZI Folk Custom park

VDWALL         Date:2015-12-21 

XiaMen LAOYUANZI Folk Custom Park Traveling China Large Theater took a trial show on September and 3000 square meter LED screen constructs 360 degree real-action stage. The debut attracts attention of almost all population. VDWALL is the designate LED display system video processor of this important stage, LVP86XX series boosts the magnificent and grandiose Minnan legend recur.

Running audience sites are the biggest characteristic at whole stage performance. The ordinary theater stage structure is that stage is in the of theater and audiences directly face the stage. Comparing with the ordinary structure, Traveling China Large Theater has 6 live-action stages, and audiences are located in the center of huge 30000 square meters “Egg Shape” theater and then according send audiences to the best viewing spot. The movement and rotatability of audience sites will make display length of stage to nearly 500 meters. Audiences will appreciate land-and-water all dimensional performance by the 3D space, which will bring a vivid and unexpected impact and surprise.

LED display screen will switch cooperating with stage 360°rotation, showing different backgrounds with different stories. Background video sources use HD and make image very clear and vivid; color is very abundant; Switches between scenes are very quick; Stage itself has very high requirements on LED expressive force. Theater uses VDWALL HD LED video synchronous mosaic processor LVP86XX series, which not only realizes perfect mosaic but also lets audiences almost experience the grandiosity of “Sky made sagishima” and the heroic of “Island War”

LVP86series is the very competitive model of mosaic processors and VDWALL Proprietary processor. One year after published, this model applied to many large mosaic project, which is very popular in indoor small-distance display system because of its exquisite mosaic blending viewing effect.LVP86xx series supports maximum 28 HD and SD、analogous and digital inputs, 16 DVI digital all HD outputs; every port can support 1900*1200_60Hz; it can realize seamless and fade-in/fade-out switch between any input signal and DVI synchronous mosaic; realize that multiple graphic card and internet player display UHD dynamic video horizontally and vertically synchronous processing; support Point-to-Point synchronous mosaic, scaling mosaic; single processor can support 30720 vertically or 17280 horizontally. In fact, Traveling China large theater led screen only use 1 piece of LVP86XX and 4 pieces of LVP8601, realizing synchronous mosaic and centralized control of LED screen; 360 degree big viewing angel show the new legend of old yard!