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How to change LVP605 to LVP605S

VDWALL         Date:2015-11-12 

LVP605 serial has LVP605, LVP605S and LVP605D.  Only LVP605S is with SDI input. Different

From LVP603 and LVP603S motherboard structure, the SDI input board of LVP605S is seperated from

the main mother board. Customer can change LVP605 to LVP605S by adding SDI input board. Here, we

Will introduce how to change.

1、Remove the fixed screws of cover

2、Take down the cover

3、Remove the screws which fixed the video input card

4、Remove the fixed PCB screws

5、Take out video board carefully

6、7、Install SDI board

8、Fix the SDI board carefully.

9、10、Fix the screws

11、 Fix the cover screws

1、Under normal working station(NO PIP and MOSAIC),press SETUP to enter menu.  And press UP to item 20.(different version, different item No.)

2、3、4、Press 5 times V1 without stop. Press UP to item 24 (different version, different item NO.)“EXT model VIDEO”。

5、6、7、Adjust the knob to find “EXT model SDI”

8、Press SAVE(knob)to save. SDI input can work now.