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The common problems in LVP605

VDWALL         Date:2015-11-11 

LVP605: video sources from DVI input of PC can’t be scaled to a desired resolution

1.   Model:

LVP601 / LVP602 / LVP603 / LVP606 / LVP40X / LVS5066

2.   Problem description:

When DVI/HDMI of PC or notebook is connected to LVP605, the resolution shown on LCD screen of LVP605 stays the same, which can’t be changed on control panel.

3.   Analyze:

LVP605 processor’s DVI/HDMI input boards can accept almost all video sources under 2048*1152 from PC or TV included in EDID of the input. When PC is connected to the processor, PC will firstly detect EDID data and then produce the DVI signal which be recognized by the processor. It won’t bring any problems itself. The only reason is a new feature of PC’s graphics card.

Nowadays some new graphics cards will automatically output the best resolution (2048*1152) when read EDID data from the processor. If we start replication model and activate DVI output, the graphics card will replicate image into DVI and send it to the processor in best resolution (2048*1152). Unlike the situation under XP system, image will not only be replicated but also sent in same resolution.

4.   Solution:

To solve this problem, we need to reset the zoom option of DVI/HDMI output as user-defined aspect ratio. In this mode, the graphics card will ensure that the resolution of image sent to processor is same to that on the monitor, which is set by main users. In some other options, such as full screen output, preserve aspect ratio, centered display, images are all sent in best resolution.

Now we will introduce the set method by the example of Intel dual graphics card notebook.

1). Click the blank position on the desktop with right button, choose “graphics options”----“screen adaption”----“digital TV”----“preserve aspect ratio”, then the resolution for DVI signal will be same to that on the monitor.

2). Click the blank space on the desktop, then choose “graphics properties” to enter control panel for Intel graphics and video. Enter “Display”----“General Settings”, choose digital TV LVP605 to send the zoom option as user-defined aspect ratio. The resolution for DVI signal will be same to that on the monitor.

Notice: Location of zoom option will be different due to different graphics cards. Please search it patiently and try to update the drive for graphics card if can’t find the option.