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VDWALL Was Awarded the Title of National High-tech

VDWALL         Date:2015-10-29 

VDWALL was awarded the honorary title of national high-tech enterprise in 2013 after enterprise reporting, local trial, expert review, public notice filing and other procedures’ rigorous examination and identification.

"National High-Tech Enterprise" is one of the highest awards of technological innovation category. The procedures considered to be very strict and competitive are jointly managed and supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation. VDWALL’s acquisition of the title is a convincing proof about the company’s strong capability of technological innovation and high-end technology development.

VDWALL’s tenet is to “chase excellence, sustainable innovation and create customer values”. The company emphasizes the innovation, research and development of new products and new technology, continuously enhancing the capability of independent innovation. Especially in the LED video processing equipment industry, VDWALL won the first place of “Top Ten Brands of Peripheral Equipments for LED Display” named by HC network for two consecutive years. These are the best witness for VDWALL’s outstanding achievements and technological advantages.

VDWALL achieved a higher development platform and enjoyed more state preferential policies for science and technology enterprises after certification, which has a great significance to the company’s development.

VDWALL will adhere to the path of independent innovation and sustainable development, because innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise’s development. The company will create a better social and economic benefits with a stronger sense of innovation, higher marketing ability and management level.