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LVP404 head into “Bird’s Nest” for 2015 Beijing World Championships

VDWALL         Date:2015-10-29 

With the idea of environmental protection has gradually permeated people's thinking,the energy-saving LED screen enjoys popular support.2015 World Championships in Athletics are scheduled be held on Aug.22- 30 at the Beijing National Stadium "Bird's Nest".As world’s  third largest sports event,the organizer also aim to use the most environmental friendly equipment to present the highest level live sports event.After a rigorous selection of the best equipment,LightKing's P10.66 energy-saving outdoor LED screen has been selected for the event,while the LED video processer is provided by VDWall.

In the “Bird Nest” project, each screen’s resolution is not big, only 2304*1248.While it adopts P10.66 big pitch led screen,the led screen size is very big.Each screen equipped with a VDWall’s professional LED HD video wall splicer LVP404,it can realize perfect sync mosaic display without any misalignment or delay,and brings more fluent and clearer image,more brilliant colors and more vivid scenes.“Bird’s Nest”’s 2 LED huge screens used the same mosaic display modes.

LVP40X series is HD splicer processor for ultra LED screen. As the basic of LVP40x, single LVP404 can maximally support 7680*1080 or 1920*4320 or 3840*2160 full color screen. LVP404 has 4 groups of DVI outputs which can be arbitrary used to splice in hori or vert.Then with the flexible adaption, LVP40X can control very long or very high led screen. The largest one is LVP412 which can reach 23040 pixel in hori or 14400 pixel in vert.Multiple units connected in parallel can drive indefinite LED lattice. LVP40X series can be used for any special-shaped or ultra-large LED display,mixed LED displays(of different pitches).Because of its powerful mosaic display function and high stability, it’s often used to splice huge led screens for live sports events.

LED screen is widely used for different big shows for its advantages. To reach the best effects, VDWall is always devoted to search advanced equipments.After Olympic Games and World Cup, VDWall is very proud of contributing  to a meager force for World Championships in Athletics again.